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Recurring API

This documentation is for the legacy Helcim Gateway. New merchants should refer to the Helcim Commerce API documentation.

Request Variables (Required)

Name Type Description
merchantId numeric Your merchant id; must not include any spaces or special characters.
token alpha Your Gateway token (generated within the Gateway Administration Tool).
type alpha Type of transaction to be processed. Must be: "recurring".
cardNumber 16/numeric Credit card number; must not include any spaces or special characters.
expiryDate 4/numeric Credit card expiry date in the form of MMYY. With leading zeroes if the month or year is only one digit.
cvvIndicator 1/numeric CVV2 presence indicator. Must be either: "1" (present), "2" (not visible), "3" (not present) or "4" (ignore)
cvv 4/numeric CVV2 value.
recurringPeriod 50/alpha Recurring period; set weekly or monthly: 1 week(s), 2 week(s), 1 month(s), 2 month(2), 6 month(s), 24 month(s) - Also allows the following aliases: weekly, biweekly, monthly, bimonthly, 1, 15 (for first and fiftheen of the month
recurringStartDate yyyymmdd The data to start recurring billing (cannot be today).
recurringAmount 10,2/decimal Amount of each recurring transaction.
recurringTimes 3/numeric Number of times to bill.

Card Tokenization Features

Name Type Description
cardToken 23/alpha The credit card token. When used the cardNumber, expiryDate, cvvIndicator and cvv fields should not be sent.
cardF4l4 8/numberic The first and last four digits of the original credit card. This is used to confirm that the correct credit card will be billed.

Request Variables (Optional)

Name Type Description
test 1/numeric Sets whether this is a test or not. Any value other than 1 will assume this is a real transaction.
cardholderName 100/alpha Name on card.
amount 10,2/decimal If set, this is the amount the customer will be billed immediately.

For Address Verification Service (AVS)

Name Type Description
cardholderAddress 255/alpha Address of cardholder for address verification.
cardholderPostalCode 50/alpha Postal code/zip code of cardholder for address verification.

Billing Information

Name Type Description
orderId 50/alpha Unique transaction identifier, transaction will fail if a duplicate order id is found. The order id will be automatically generated by the Gateway if this field is blank.
customerId 50/alpha Customer identifier.
billingName 100/alpha Customer's billing name.
billingAddress 255/alpha Customer's billing address.
billingCity 255/alpha Customer's billing city.
billingProvince 255/alpha Customer's billing province or state.
billingPostalCode 50/alpha Customer's billing postal code or zip code.
billingCountry 255/alpha Customer's billing country.
billingPhoneNumber 255/alpha Customer's billing phone number.
billingEmailAddress 255/alpha Customer's billing email address.

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